Can A Rich Man Get To Heaven? A Misunderstood Bible Verse About Money

Did Jesus Really Say That A Rich Man Can’t Get To Heaven?

Do believe that you won’t get to heaven if you are rich?

If this is what you believe, you probably believe it for one reason. You learned  that “Jesus said that a rich man can’t get to heaven.”

The common belief that “Jesus said that a rich man can’t get into heaven” is actually a serious mistranslation and misunderstanding of the words of Jesus.

A story about Jesus and the rich young man or rich young ruler appears in three of the New Testament gospel stories.

If you read the stories carefully, you will see that Jesus doesn’t say that “a rich man can’t get to heaven” in any of them.

Eight Misunderstood Bible Verses About Jesus And Money

The belief that “Jesus said that a rich man can’t get into heaven” is only one example of familiar Bible verses that are mistranslated or misunderstood or misquoted.

Can A Rich Man Get Into Heaven? What Jesus Really Said About Money And Why You Don’t Learn That In Church focuses on eight specific statements about what Jesus really said and really didn’t say about money and about being rich. This will help you decide what these money bible verses mean for you.

The purpose of the book is to set you free from fear, doubt, anxiety, guilt, and shame that you won’t get into heaven if you have money because of unbiblical claims about “what Jesus said about money.”

Can A Rich Man Get Into Heaven? is part of the “Does The Bible Really Say That? Series.” The purpose of the series is to identify some of the most frequently misunderstood Bible verses to demonstrate why the Bible often doesn’t say what you think it says. The intention of the series is provide a way to undo the harm done to innocent people by mistranslated, misquoted, and misunderstood Bible verses.

What’s the Problem With Bible Verses?

The most important feature of “Does The Bible Really Say That? Series” is the importance of stories. Most of what people “know” about the Bible comes in the form of Bible verses that are cut off from original Bible stories.

What Did You Learn About Money In Church?

If you had any Christian education in your life, you might have learned two contradictory beliefs about money.

  • Money is evil and it’s bad to be rich
  • Money is a blessing and it’s good to be rich.

What you learned about money depends on what kind of Bible education you had in church. You might be surprised to realize what the Bible really says about money and why you don’t learn that in church.

Structure Of The Book

Can A Rich Man Get Into Heaven? What Jesus Really Said About Money And Why You Don’t Learn That In Church includes 19 Chapters divided into 5 Parts

  • Part One: Bible Stories and Bad Bible considers the impact of Bible stories and verses about money on your life.
  • Part Two: Society And Stories focuses on the importance of context for understanding Bible verses about money.
  • Part Three: Stories Of The Outlaw Hero introduces the idea of a hero’s journey to describe the gospel stories about Jesus.
  • Part Four: Money Stories Of Jesus looks at eight specific statements about money by Jesus in the gospel stories by putting them in the whole story context of ancient Palestine.
  • Part Five: Money Stories And You makes it personal by considering what Bible stories about money mean for you.

Don’t let misquoted, mistranslated, misunderstood Bible verses about money stop you. Find out what Jesus really said about money in the New Testament Gospels now.

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Bonus Report

When you get Can A Rich Man Get Into Heaven?, you also get a bonus report, “Why Bible Verses Are Powerful Enemies Of Your Freedom: Did A Man On Horseback Give The Bible Its Verses?”

 Some of the topics in this free report are:

  • Why a Bible verse is an artificial object
  • Why the division of the Bible into Bible verses often makes no sense
  • When Bible verses become pretexts for “what the Bible says about money”


P.S. Find out what church didn’t teach you about what Jesus really said about money. Discover the whole story behind the money Bible verses now.

P.P.S. Don’t let one misunderstood Bible verse about whether or not a rich man can get to heaven fill you with fear about money.




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